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Denver is the Go-To City in 2018

By Richard MacPhie

It goes without saying that Denver is one of the fastest growing metropolitan centers in the U.S., and for good reasons. Denver offers a high quality of life for a wide segment of the population; a person can visit a casino, mountain climb, ski and golf all in one weekend. These qualities attract a vibrant brand of worker who wants to have a life outside of work, and vibrant workers make exciting companies. Before you know it, a symbiotic natural collusion explodes of great people attracting strong companies, and great companies attracting strong workers.

Denver already plays host to a large population of American workers who have relocated seeking the promise of a better and more robust life. One glance at the Denver real estate market confirms this; it’s a seller’s market as people close on properties as fast as they are marketed. And, at least for now, being in the real estate game is paying dividends to many an agent. New people mean expanding markets; everybody needs food, housing, transportation, and entertainment. For example; recently profiled in the Denver Business Journal, North Carolina restaurant franchise, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza has just expanded to the Denver market.

Let’s not forget the sports teams. Fan or not, having all four major league sports leagues hosted in a town is an announcement to the commerce world that Big League Business also gets done here. A historical review confirms this. In the 1990s, when the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, the Denver Broncos won two Super Bowls with Denver royalty John Elway at the helm, and when the Rockies put a jolt into the town by reaching the World Series in 2007, people from across the state congregated in LoDo. The fresh Super Bowl 50 victory cements the town as top notch major league—a fact not lost on corporate decision makers.

For infrastructure, Denver has an ever-improving World Class airport, expanding light rail system, including service to Denver International Airport and (finally) reaching northward towards Boulder. The freeways are expanding laneage to serve the commuters, whose cars seem to be reproducing like amorous rabbits.

The cumulative sum of all these elements is that Denver is the place to do business. The city has the people necessary to drive the economy, the infrastructure for them to get around, the entertainment choices to diversify the quality of life, and the Mysticism of Championships to bolster civic pride. The private citizens as well as expanding franchises who come here are proof positive that Denver is the go-to place where it’s at right now in America.

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