What is Shatter and How Do You Use It

by Scott Mollette

Introduction to Shatter
Recreational drug use is on the rise throughout the world as laws decriminalizing marijuana are sweeping the planet. That’s a good thing for people that like to get high and not run afoul of the authorities. One of the evolving trends are marijuana concentrates, that is, extracts. These are found in various forms, one of which is the ever popular Shatter.

Okay, what is Shatter?
Shatter is basically just processed hash oil for all intents and purposes. In fact, Shatter is an extract of the plant Cannabis sativa, or what we have a variety of names for: weed, dope, reefer, pot, rope, Boo and blunt. Those in the know, that is, extract artists, extract upwards of 80% of the THC and CBD from marijuana to create the potent concentrate. In its newly processed form, Shatter immediately reminds one of natural honey. In this sense, it is darker shade of yellow and considerably thick. However, when it is cold, it has a remarkable similarity to glass. In fact, the name Shatter is derived from its penchant for breaking or shattering if dropped. The chemical extraction process may be researched online for budding chemists; however, suffice it to say that butane is typically used to extract all of the resin and/or oil from the Cannabis buds. Finally, contrary to popular belief, Shatter will not blow up in your face when you use it. This is a vicious and false rumor.

Why would I want to use Shatter rather than weed?
For one, Shatter is trending and who wants to be left out of the fun? But perhaps the best reason to give it a go is for the intense high. This is not your grandfather’s skunk weed from 1960s Mexico, but rather a powerful high that can floor the most experienced user. I’m talking super stoned, of course, all dependent on the potency, one’s location, and all those other pertinent factors such as the extract artist. Yet another reason is that you might not like the taste or smell of marijuana. All good. Shatter permits a user to utilize a vaporizer or bong like apparatus. These are commonly referred to as rigs. The act of vaping Shatter is called dabbing.

So how do I use it, dude?
First and foremost, you need to purchase or borrow a rig. A novel way of vaping is with a vape-pen, a device that plugs into a USB outlet. Your local budtender likely has one, or friends that have been dabbing. Inexpensive vape-pens and rigs are available on the market. After scoring some Shatter, typically ranging in price from 35-90 clams, again dependent on the potency, a user should find a relatively safe environment to vape. Rather than a bowl, rigs have a glass or titanium “nail”. When Shatter is touched to the properly heated nail, it is instantly vaporized and inhaled by the user through the mouthpiece.

And there you have it, Shatter wisdom for the young and old. And hey, I don’t always vape, but when I do, I prefer Shatter.